New Release - Sweet Georgia Boys "Jump For Joy" by The King

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New Release - Sweet Georgia Boys "Jump For Joy"

Sweet Georgia Boys Foot Tapping RecordsThe Sweet Georgia Boys are two guys who first met in Gran Canaria on a Rock ‘n’ Roll Holiday. They are Jim Hammond and Bill Crittenden. If you’ve not heard the names you’ll definitely know the faces.Jim Hammond is currently playing with Johnny and The Jailbirds but was lead man of The Borderlines, and Bill Crittenden is the vocalist of The Kingcats and also lead guitarist of The Roosters.

The Sweet Georgia Boys provide with this CD a very unique sound. It's full of some of the classics like Big Hunk O Love but with a twist as it’s performed only with two instruments, Piano and Drums, but both Jim and Bill show they're capable musicians and give it a full sound which has made it a jive hit! 
They also do a great version of Tutti Frutti, but unlike the high tone from Little Richards original, The Sweet Georgia Boys have gone for the opposite and instead it’s sung with a deep voice. It won’t be fully what you expect but after a listen you can’t help but love it. 
As well as those jiving favourites they also have one of the classic boppers Mean Ole Train by Papa Lightfoot, this song however is performed with a guitar to add some punch which will make you fans of the song very happy. If you like the sound of the guitar it’s also on a couple more tracks, one of those being Jump for Joy which is a cracking up tempo number which Bill provides a distinctive twang to the guitar strings adding some extra depth. 
This CD gives a new dimension to the classic Rock ‘n’ Roll sound of Guitar, Bass and Drums. If you’re after something a little bit interesting, with a twist, but with those classic roots then look no further.
Take a listen below:

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