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Darrel Higham - Believe What You Hear - A Tribute To Ricky Nelson CD

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A real treat for die-hard Darrel Higham fans! Completely re-recorded, including vocal arrangement and instruments for 2018, including an extra special bonus track!

Due to be released exclusively via Foottapping Records and on 23rd June 2018.

The Darrel Higham Believe What You Hear (A Tribute to Ricky Nelson) CD Tracklist:

1. Do You Know What I Mean (JUPP)
2. If You Can’t Rock Me (JACOBS)
4. Hello Mary Lou (G. PITNEY)
5. Never Be Anyone Else But You (B. KNIGHT)
6. Lonesome Town (B. KNIGHT)
7. It’s Late (D. BURNETTE)
8. I Got A Feeling (B. KNIGHT)
9. Be Bop Baby (P. LENDHURST)
10. Travellin’ Man (J. FULLER)
11. Sweeter Than You (B. KNIGHT)
12. Believe What You Say (J. & D. BURNETTE)
13. Shirley Lee (B. TRAMMELL)
14. Baby I’m Sorry (K. SCOTT)
15. There Goes My Baby (KIRKLAND/BURTON)
16. Poor Little Fool (S. SHEELEY)
17. Blood From A Stone (BACHELOR/STEPHENS)
18. Gypsy Woman (D. BURNETTE/J. OSBORN)