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Eddy Arnold - Lets Make Memories One More Time CD

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1.Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me
2. It's Been So Long, Darling
3. If I Never Get to Heaven
4. Will You Always
5. I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire
6. My Arms Are a House
7. Hey Good Lookin'
8. Are You Sincere
9. Let's Make Memories Tonight
10. Hold Me
11. I Love You Because
12. You're the Only Star in My Blue Heaven
13. One Grain of Sand
14. That Do Make It Nice
15. The Kentuckian Song
16. This Is the Thanks I Get for Loving You
17. What a Fool I Was
18. Just Out of Reach
19. The Richest Man in the World
20. I'm Throwing Rice (At the Girl I Love)
21. Then I Turned and Walked Slowly Away
22. Just Call Me Lonesome
23. I'd Trade All My Tomorrows (For Just One Yesterday)
24. Don't Rob Another Man's Castle