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Chuck Norris - The Complete 1947 to 1953 Recordings CDR

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 This cdr is direct from the record label.  West Coast Blues Guitar. 

1. Money's Getting Cheaper - Charles Norris Trio
2. No Better For Me - Charles Norris Trio
3. No Better For Me - Shifty Henry With Chuck Norris (G/Vol)
4. I Love You Baby Blues - Charles Norris Trio
5. Somebody Else - Charles Norris Trio
6. The Golden Rule - Charles Norris Trio
7. I Ain't Gonna Stick Around - Charles Norris Trio
8. Oh Little Girl - Chuck Norris and his Orchestra
9. Chicken Neck (Rockin' After Hours) - Chuck Norris and his Orchestra
10. Let's Get A Little Taste- Charles Norris and his Guitar
11. What's Good For One's Good For All - Charles Norris and his Guitar
12. Hey Everybody - Charles Norris and his Guitar
13. Kinda Sick, Mostly Worried - Charles Norris and his Guitar
14. I Know The Blues - Chuck Norris and his Band
15. Rockin' After Hours - Chuck Norris and his Band
16. Messin' Around - Chuck Norris
17. Let Me Know - Chuck Norris
18. Rockin' Chair Mama - Little Willie Littlefield with Chuck Norris (G/VCL)
19. Hit The Road - Little Willie Littlefield with Chuck Norris (G/VCL)
20. Baby Come Home - Floyd Dixon Trio with Chuck Norris (G)
21. Come On Daddy (let's go play tonight) Pearl Traylor with Chuch Thomas and his All Stars with Chuck Norris (G) 
22. Early Times - Red Calender Sextette with Chuck Norris (G)
23. ron-de-view 36 - Little Boyd with Chuck Norris (G/VCL)