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Lee Emerson With Marty Robbins - It's Easy For You To Be Mean CD

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1. It's So Easy For You To Be Mean 
2. I Cried Like A Baby 
3. Where D'ja Go? 
4. You Call That Waitin'?
5. I'm Gonna Rise And Shine Tonight
6. I'll Know You're Gone
7. Thank You My Darlin'
8. So Little Time
9. A Pair Of Broken Hearts
10. You Don't Know
11. How Long Will It Be
12. What A Night
13. Start All Over
14. Catch That Train
15. I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name
16. Do You Think
17. I Hate To Say Goodnite
18. Forever Alone
19. You Can't Hear Me
20. Lover Boy
21. Totalin' Time
22. You Can't Hear Me
23. Gospel Truth
24. Ten Thousand Crying Towels
25. I've Thought Of Leaving Too
26. Ben-Ja-Min Franklin
27. I'm Gonna Go In Hiding
28. I'm Keeping It To Myself
29. Hossy Riding Police
30. Truck Stop Cutie
31. Thirty Blocks Across The City
32. Waiting In The Shadows Late At Night
33. Ain't It Funny How Stripes Can Turn Love Off
34. Sinner's Corner
35. Dreams Always Lie