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Track listing:
The Peace River Rangers : Teen Age Boogie.
Keray Regan : Vibratin'.
Rudy Hayden : Want Me A Woman.
Rudy Hayden : Blue Steel.
Rudy Hayden : Rock 'n' Roll Doll.
Jimmy Morrison : Your Cheatin' Heart.
Jimmy Morrison : Singing The Blues.
The Stripes: Hot Rod.
The Stripes: Boogie Beat.
The Prowlers: Rock Me Baby.
The Prowlers: Get A Move On.
Evan Kemp : Midnight Ryder.
Evan Kemp : Rootie Tootie.
Tex Pederson : Rockelene.
Rebel Rockers : Rebel Rock.
The Prowlers : Honey Strollin'.
Les Vogt : Moon Rocketin'.
Les Vogt : The Blamers.
Canadian VIPs : Lucille.
Canadian VIPs : Monsoon.
Patty Surbey : Christmas All Year 'Round.
Patty Surbey : A Beatle For Christmas.
Patty Surbey : Everyone I Know.
Patty Surbey : Hey, Boy.
Little Daddie & The Bachelors : Junior's Jerk.
Little Daddie & The Bachelors : Too Much Monkey Business.
Sandy Marino : Hopin' And A-Prayin'.
Bob Regan & Karree J Rose : Eeny Meeny Miney Mo.