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Track listing:
Ray Tyler - Connie Lou
Ray Tyler - My Hamtramck Baby
Lynn Pratt - They're Learning
Lynn Pratt - Red Headed Woman
Lynn Pratt - Come Here Mama
Lynn Pratt - Tom Cat Boogie
Lee Red Melson - Rockin' Thru The Tunnel Of Love
Lee Red Melson- Carmen Sue Rock
Hank Mathews - Alabama Boogie
Berry Smith - Berry's Bounce
Hender Saul - I Ain't Gonna Rock Tonight
Randy Spangler - Rock And Roll Baby
Leon And Carlos - Rock Everybody
Leon And Carlos - Rock Run Blues
Don Burton & The Fads - Tantalizin' Baby
Don Burton & The Fads - Somebody Stop That Woman
Rusty Howard - Let's Rock
Curtis Potter - I'm A Real Glad Daddy
Floyd Mack - I Like To Go
Don Burton & The Fads - This Is It
Carpenter Brothers - Don't Cry Little Darling
Jesse Stevens - Mama Mama
Jesse Stevens - Go Boy Go
The Trespassers - No Trespassing
Round Up Boys - Rock And Roll Baby
Wayne Gogers - Wayne Boogie
Jeanie Christie - Flying High
Wayne Buchanan - The Boy And The Guitar
Ray Strong - You're Gonna Reap What You Sow
Ray Taylor - Clocking My Card.