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Various - 41 Years Of Collector Records (40 Was Not Enough) CD

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1.Ethalene  -  Al Hendrix, Al  With Jolly Jody & His Go Daddies
2.Sitting on Top of the World - Monty Olive & His Piano 
3.She's Got Another Ride - Roger Wilbanks & The Blue Moon Boys   
4.Baby I Go Crazy - Rufino & Los Tejanitos
5.Evacuation [Instrumental][Demo Version] - Dixie Rebels
6.The King's Comin' Home - Tony  Senn
7.Grandpa's Twist - Avery & The Country Boys
8.The Crawl - Van  Walker
9.Bad Bad Boy - Bobby Lollar & Pete Beaver's Band 
10.Black Cadillac -  Joyce Green
11.I Can't Get It off My Mind - Fred Netherton & The Wildwood Playboys 
12.Ram Charger [Instrumental] - The Cubs
13.Little Woman - Ricky Morvan & The Fens 
14.Shimmy Shake - Unknown Singer & Band
15.Inflation Blues - Wibby Lee & Paul Allen Band 
16.Gonna Be Long Gone -  Eddie Taylor & Les Petty Trio 
17.Wheelwright Boogie [Instrumental] - Dustry Rivers & The Rangers 
18.You Got Me Gone - Ricky Nelson & Bobby Mizzell
19.Old Black Joe  - Monty Olive & His Piano 
20.Jungle Girl - Jr. Thompson 
21.Flat River Mail Train [Instrumental] - Walt Prater & The Praters 
22.Wolf Whistle Baby - Rocky  Morgan & The Rockin' Guitars 
23.Wait a Minute Baby - Johnny Daye Guitar Jeff & The Creoles 
24.Bey Bey Baby - Ricky Morvan & The Fens 
25.Five Sticks of Dynamite [#][Instrumental][Demo Version] - Dixie Rebels
26.Little Girl - Gene Wyatt & His Guitar
27.Shotgun Weddin' John J.
28.Woo-Ee-Baby [Demo Version] - Miss Lois Powell
29.Roll and Rhythm [#] - Wayne McGinnis
30.Lonesome Rhythm Blues - Wayne McGinnis
31.Powerhouse Boogie Woogie [Instrumental] - Cyril  Scutt