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Please not the front cover and inlay have slight water marks on them, But plays fine.

1. Whistle My Love/Pips
2. Can't Wait For Tomorrow/Five Bills
3. What Did I Do/Sweethearts
4. Laughing On The Outside/Toni Dee
5. Early In The Morning/Ding Dongs
6. Shake A Hand/Four
Pennies 7. Have You Ever Fell In
Love/Sweethearts 8. My Stady Girl/Raiders
9. Love Love Love/Clovers
10. Til I Waltz Again With
You/Five Bills 11. Superman/Sweethearts
12. I Don't Need No One/Four Of Us
13. The Kick A Poo/Clovers
14. I'm Only Human/Do
Re Mi Trio 15. Just Give Me Your Heart/Jimmy Duffett
16. In Between Kisses/Sweethearts
17. Chinese Tea Room/Three Friends
18. Till Dawn And Tomorrow/Five Bills
19. No We're One/Ding
Dongs 20. Ching Chong/Pips
21. Jinx/Three Friends
22. What Will Mother Say/Sweethearts

23. My Babe/Toni Dee
24. Waiting And Waiting/Five 
25. Walking Through The Jungle/Raiders

26. Baby Oh Baby/Johnny Duffett
27. Everybody I Know/Sweethearts