New Release - The Hayriders "Hayridin'" by The King

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New Release - The Hayriders "Hayridin'"

The Hayriders, who were originally known as The Rockin Renegades, formed back in 1982 however they never recorded a CD... Until now!

In November last year with a slight alteration to the original line up Mark 'Beefy' Davies, Neil Wright, Neil Freeman and Darren 'DJ' Lince recorded The Hayriders first CD entitled Hayridin'.

The CD starts with some hard hitting guitar in 'So Good', it's then quickly met with the distinctive thud of the double bass and the crash of the drums making this a real rockin' track! This song compliments each member of the band as throughout the song it features various solos meaning each member shows what they can do and they don't disappoint.

'So Good' is a song written by The Hayriders and it isn't the only one on the CD, they also have 'Rockin Chair' and 'You Know That We're Through'.  Both these tracks as you expect fit the Rockabilly criteria to the letter with blend of Country and Rock n Roll in each. 'Rockin Chair' is a continuously flowing track in which the tempo never dips, and 'You Know That We're Through' is a fast paced track featuring the classic patter of the country cow bell which can be heard half way through the track. They show that as well as being able to play Rockabilly like the best, they can write it too.

They've also recorded some classic Rockabilly hits including Hank Williams 'My Bucket's Got a Hole in it'. This song features one of the classic Rockabilly melodies and these guys do it justice, and after listening to this CD your shoes will surely have a hole in as you can't help but stamp your feet from start to finish.

With some Rockabilly performances the harshness of the instruments being played can lead to buzzing or muffled/muted notes, but this isn't the case with this CD. This has a crisp sound, each note played is there for a reason and only enhances the overall sound.  

The Hayriders are scheduled to perform with some big names in the world of Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly including Levi Dexter and Johnny Powers, as well as Big Sandy and The Flyright Boys in California. But don't worry you don't have to go all the way to the USA to hear this band perform, you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home or classic car.

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Take a listen below:

Overall Rating - 4/5 Stars The Hayriders – Hayridin' – FT151

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