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Black Knights - Sweet Spirit Of Dixie - Town Of Rock 'N' Roll CD

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1. My Grandma's A Teddy Girl
2. Worried Mind
3. Watch Out Mr Springsteen
4. Stood Up
5. Sweet Spirit Of Dixie
6. Here By My Lonesome
7. Hen House Boogie
8. My Baby's Gone
9. Dream Of Love
10. The South's Gonna Rise Again
11. Goodbye Baby Doll
12. Walk Like You Talk
13. Rock Your Baby To Sleep
14. Will It Be You
15. Lights Out
16. Ready For Love
17. Town Of Rock 'n' Roll
18. I've Lost My Sunshine
19. The Munsters Theme
20. Hey Hey Baby By By
21. Broken Heart
22. Forty Days
23. I Love You
24. Barking Up The Wrong Tree
25. Baby Drink My Wine
26. My Baby
27. Dixie / Souths Gonna Rise Again
28. Tom Dooley Rock n Roll
29. Lights Out.