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Buster Brown - I'm Going But I'll Be Back 1959-1962

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Plus special Guest Star.
B. Brown & His Rockin' Mcvouts.

1Buster Brown - Fannie Mae
2Buster Brown - Lost In A Dream
3Buster Brown - John Henry
4Buster Brown - The Madison Shuffle
5Buster Brown - Don't Dog Your Woman
6Buster Brown - Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby
7Buster Brown - Doctor Brown
8Buster Brown - Sincerely
9Buster Brown - I Got The Blues When It Rains
10Buster Brown - Good News
11Buster Brown - Sugar Babe
12Buster Brown - I'm Going But I'll Be Back
13Buster Brown - Raise A Ruckus Tonight
14Buster Brown - Gonna Love My Baby
15Buster Brown - St Louis Blues
16Buster Brown - When Things Go Wrong
17Buster Brown - Blueberry Hill
18Buster Brown - No More
19Buster Brown - Slow Drag - Pt 1
20Buster Brown - Slow Drag - Pt 2
21Buster Brown - Trying To Learn How To Love You
22Buster Brown - Broadway On Fire

23B. Brown & His Rockin' McVouts - My Baby Left Me
24B. Brown & His Rockin' McVouts - Hardworking Man
25B. Brown & His Rockin' McVouts - Fannie Mae Is Back
26B. Brown & His Rockin' McVouts - Candied Yams
27B. Brown & His Rockin' McVouts - Chewing Gum
28B. Brown & His Rockin' McVouts - 
Rockin' With 

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