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Frankie Ford - Lets Take A Sea Cruise

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This review is from: Lets Take a Sea Cruise (Audio Cd) "Sea Cruise" is an absolutely brilliant & classic rocker of a rock 'n' roll song from 1958,and complete with a brilliant & unique rocking backing musical arrangement,and recorded by American singer Frankie Ford. In 1959 Frankie Ford recorded a 12 song Album-Lp titled,"Let's Take A Sea Cruise",these dozen tracks are on this compact disc-as follows.
1. Sea Cruise.
2. Alimony.
3. Danny Boy.
4. It Must Be Jelly.
5. Watchdog.
6. What's Going On.
7. Roberta. --The original single "B" side of "Sea CruiseE".
8. Can't Tell My Heart What To Do.
9. Your Game Is Over.
10. I'm Worried Over You.
11. Hour Of Need.
12. Cheatin' Woman.