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Ray Campi - The Ultimate Jimmie Skinner Songbook

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1. Doin' My Time
2. Just Ramblin' On
3. On The Wrong Side Of The Track
4. Where My Sweet Baby Goes
5. Too Hot To Handle
6. You Don't Know My Mind
7. What a Pleasure
8. I Found My Girl In The USA
9. Dark Hollow
10. Will You Be Satisfied That Way
11. How Low Can You Feel
12. Muddy Water Blues
13. I'm A Regular Daddy Now
14. By Degrees
15. Big City
16. There's Nothin' About You Special
17. Born To Be Wild
18. Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler
19. It's Blowin' Away
20. The Blues Are Out Early Tonight
21. I Ain't Got Time
22. Good Time Woman
23. I'm Running Out Of Time
24. Let's Say Goodbye Like We said Hello ( Live )
25. Jimmie Skin Blues"6. Jimmie Skinner Spoken Word