Various - Singing Cowboys Of The Silver Screen CD -

Various - Singing Cowboys Of The Silver Screen

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1. Come on Boys We're Riding into Town
2. Honolulu Boogie
3. Blue Bonnet Blues
4. Mist Around the Prairie Moon Tonight
5. On The Texas Prairie
6. Shame on You
7. Rodeo Sweetheart
8. Too Lee Rollum
9. Big Corral
10. I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine
11. Home Sweet Home in Texas
12. Back In the Saddle Again
13. Gotta Have Some Lovin'
14. End of My Round Up Days
15. I'll Get Mine
16. I've Had My Share of Sorrow
17. Home on the range
18. Mail Must Go Through
19. Keep Goin'
20. Blues Stay Away from Me
21. Singing My Hillbilly Song
22. Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie
23. That Miss from Mississippi
24. You Can't Break My Heart
25. Blue Morning Skies
26. Hou're Barking U the Wrong Tree Now
27. My Little Cow Pony Ane I
28. Ragtime Cowboy Joe
29. I'm Gonna Round Up My Bluies
30. When We Said Goodnight on Goodnight Ranch