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Various - Sweet Dreams Forever (CD)

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1. Hawkshaw Hawkins Dog House Boogie (Woodhall, Hawkins) King 1948
2. Cowboy Copas Hangman’s Boogie (Cassidy) King 1949
3. Randy Hughes and His Band Tatooed Lady (no writer credit) Tennessee 1950
4. Randy Hughes and His Band It’ll Feel So Good (When It Quits Hurtin’) (Brach, Brauch) Tennessee 1950
5. Randy Hughes with Hal Bradley and His Band When Elephants Start To Roost In Trees (Clair, Hayes) Tennessee 1950
6. Cowboy Copas Tennessee Flat Guitar (Blake) King 1951
7. Hawkshaw Hawkins Shotgun Boogie (Ernie) King 1951
8. Randy Hughes and The Nite Owls Roll On Freight Train (Howard) Tennessee 1951
9. Randy Hughes and Band Birthday Cake (no writer credit) Tennessee 1951
10. Randy Hughes My Little Country Rose (Wallace) Tennessee 1951
11. Randy Hughes Talking in Your Sleep (Inman) Tennessee 1951
12. Randy Hughes with Band Tapping That Thing (no writer credit) Tennessee 1952
13. Hawkshaw Hawkins Kaw-Liga (Williams, Rose) King 1953
14. Hawkshaw Hawkins Waitin’ For My Baby (Rock, Rock) (Coben) RCA Victor 1954
15. Randy Hughes Slowly (Pierce, Hill) Bell 1954
16. Hawkshaw Hawkins Ling Ting Tong (Goodwin) RCA Victor 1955
17. Hawkshaw Hawkins and Rita Robbins Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) (Wilson, Porter, Levy) RCA Victor 1955
18. Patsy Cline I Love You Honey (Miller) Coral 1956
19. Patsy Cline Stop, Look And Listen (London, Stevenson) Decca 1956
20. Cowboy Copas Blue Kimono (Bryant) Dot 1957
21. Patsy Cline Crazy Dreams (Beam, Jiles, Stevenson) Decca 1960
22. Lloyd Copas Circle Rock (Adler, Alpert) Dot 1958
23. Patsy Cline Gotta Lot Of Rhythm in My Soul (Vaughan, Stevenson) Decca 1959
24. Cowboy Copas Settin’ Flat On Ready (Copas, Marvin) Starday 1960
25. Cowboy Copas Sal (Copas, Hillo) Starday 1961
26. Patsy Cline Walkin’ After Midnight (Hecht, Block) Decca LP 1961
27. Patsy Cline When I Get Thru With You (You’ll Love Me Too) (Howard) Decca 1962
28. Cowboy Copas Sleepy Eyed John (Atcheson) Starday LP 1962
29. Cowboy Copas with Cathy Copas You Are The One (Patterson) Starday LP 1962