Various ‎– Catfight - You Can't Stop Her! CD CD -

Various ‎– Catfight - You Can't Stop Her! CD

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1 Werly Fairburn Speak To Me Baby
2 Paul Louise Dont Move A Muscle
3 Buck Griffin Bawlin' And Squallin'
4 Thumper Jones How Come It
5 Bobby Marchan You Can't Stop Her
6 The Five Keys Serve Another Round
7 Ronnie Haig Rockin' With Rhythm And Blues
8 Shorty Sergent Record Hop
9 Jim McDonald (3) Let's Have A Ball
10 Benny Joy Crash The Party
11 Vern Pullens Bop Crazy Baby
12 Royce Porter A Woman Can Make You Blue
13 Bennie Hess Wild Hog Hop
14 Harry Carter I Don't Want You
15 Dick Lory Cool It Baby
16 Amos Milburn Rocky Mountain
17 Buddy Johnson Ain'cha Got Me
18 Tenn. Ernie Ford Ain't Nobodys Business
19 Sonny Sheater Orbit With Me
20 Bobby Green  Little Heart Attacks
21 Everett Carpenter Run Run Mabel
22 Gene Summers Straight Skirt
23 Don Eee Stop At The Hop
24 Billy Harlan I Wanna Bop
25 Dean Barlow Don't Leave Me Baby


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