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The rockabilly genre has over 60 years of heritage, originally dating back to the 1950s in the United States. As a style of music, rockabilly songs are a blend of country music, some sweet sounding blues leading to what's often referred to as rockabilly, or rockin' music.

Rockabilly itself has been popularised by some artists, including the likes of Johnny Cash, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Eddie Cochoran who found success in the early 1950s and 60s. It was in the 1980's when Shakin' Stevens put his own twist on the rockabilly sound, leading to wide commercial success in the UK with his #1 single "This Ole House".

Even today, the rockabilly and rock 'n' roll scene remains strong, with top rockabilly labels such as Foot Tapping Records producing and releasing new rockabilly CDs and rockabilly Vinyl EPs. The strong rockabilly roots can still be heard in the latest releases from Darrel Higham, The Kingkats through to Rebel Dean.

Most recently, multi award-winning songwriter and singer Imelda May found commercial success with her albums No Turning Back and Love Tattoo. Love Tattoo (now double platinum) received wide praise, and stayed in the charts for 197 weeks! The first commercial rockabilly album to reach and maintain chart success in almost 20 years!

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